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Innovate with OpenAI and Gemini on Azure
BuildYourAI Consulting pioneers custom AI software for pivotal sectors. We deliver streamlined, secure, and intelligent solutions that drive efficiency and innovation.

Why BuildYourAI Consulting?

Early Adopters, Proven Leaders

We’ve been at the forefront of AI development, delivering over 30 client-specific solutions powered by OpenAI and Gemini.

Expertise That Matters

Our team’s practical knowledge spans the full spectrum of generative AI platforms, ensuring we navigate any complexities with ease.

Security at the Core

As an ISO-certified provider, we pledge utmost security and privacy, deploying on Microsoft Azure for robust protection.

Our Specialties


Streamline complex financial operations with AI that understands and predicts market trends.


Enhance patient care through AI-powered diagnostics and personalized treatment plans.


Revolutionize your shopping experience with AI that personalizes and simplifies the buyer's journey.

Hear from our satisfied clients

“Implementing CollaborativeAI slashed hours off our workflows while bolstering data security. It’s been transformative for productivity and cost-efficiency.”

Randy Satin, Managing Director of Tour Patron

“The performance and security CollaborativeAI provides have been crucial in improving our operational efficiency. It’s a game-changer.”

Shawn Perry, Owner of Launch Wild

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