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Watch your mission make an impact for the greater good with AI! BuildYourAI’s industry-specific solutions reinvent how you connect with supporters, manage operations, and make an impact.

What Makes Non-Profits Choose
Our AI Assistants?

3-Month Trial

Seize a complimentary 3-month trial without a credit card.

2 Hours of Free Support

Gain 2 hours of paid support, guiding you to focus where it counts!

Automate real-time workflow

Automate essential but exhausting tasks so you focus on strategic mission-focused growth.

Key Benefits of Our AI Services

AI-Optimized Campaign Scheduling:

Empower fundraisers with AI capabilities that have shown to boost event participation by an average of 30%, streamlining the planning and execution phases.

100% Security Assured

Experience peace of mind knowing that your data and interaction within your non-profit’s workflows are protected with cutting-edge AI security measures, ensuring donor and operational integrity.

Dedicated Support & Training

Benefit from extensive support, ongoing training & assistance, and a complimentary 3-month subscription designed to integrate AI seamlessly into your non-profit endeavors.

AI-Powered Task Automation:

Witness your non-profit thrive, delegating all routine tasks to AI automation, and redirecting staff resources to mission-critical projects where it matters most.

Innovate Donor Experience with AI Integration:

Refresh your operations from planning to execution, transforming objectives into actionable workflows. GenAI crafts tailored to-do lists, event blueprints, and strategic outlines to increase engagement metrics on non-profit platforms.

Why trust Us?

Ethically Aligned AI Technology

Trust in AI that aligns with your values; we're committed to ethical practices ensuring our technology advances your mission responsibly.

Next-Level Collaborative Engagement

Elevate your team and client meetings through real-time discussions and video calls with key stakeholders, regardless of location - whether on the Web, Mobile, or Desktop app. Our platform guarantees that your organization remains coordinated and engaged!

Visualize Priorities Aptly

Embrace an organizational hierarchy that reflects your non-profit's work. With GenAI, the document outlines become dynamic, responsive, and sync in real-time—mirroring the intricate structure of your ambitions.

Data Privacy Protocols

Sleep easy knowing your sensitive information is protected by our stringent data privacy measures, keeping your non-profit's and donors' data secure.

Robust Backend Support and Training

Empower your team with our unwavering support and training, providing the knowledge and confidence to leverage AI to its fullest potential.

Who we’ve worked with

Our Client Testimonials

“BuildYourAI’s assistants have become integral to our operations. They’ve allowed us to refocus our efforts on direct service and program expansion.”

The Optimists

“Thanks to BuildYourAI, we’ve been able to direct more resources towards our mission, making a significant difference in the communities we serve.”

U.S. Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Institue

“Thanks to BuildYourAI, we’ve been able to direct more resources towards our mission, making a significant difference in the communities we serve.”

U.S. Queens Chamber of Commerce

Uplift Your Cause with BuildYourAI's GenAI

Align with our AI experts and redefine what’s possible for your non-profit work. Make the leap toward impactful, AI-driven success for your organization.