ChatGPT in Everyday Work Life (Part 1): Powerful Prompts for Web Development, QA, and Project Management!

February 15, 2023 •  12 min read

Thriving in software companies is like a high-speed race where slowing down means falling behind. Whether it’s coding, testing, writing, project management, or client communication—Being prompt, efficient, and on your toes is always the order of the day. Ever since OpenAI introduced ‘ChatGPT’ into the equation—the most famous artificial intelligence model the public has ever known so quickly—the future of software development is transforming at the speed of light! What’s even more intriguing is how the ChatGPT prompts list is being utilized in software development and engineering.

We asked our web development, QA, and project management teams at ‘SJ Innovation’ for a few ChatGPT prompts examples and how these commands help increase their productivity and achieve better results in their daily tasks and work operations. Here are some of their responses in the form of a ChatGPT prompts list that will prove useful for your everyday tasks!

1. Web development ChatGPT Prompts 

First, let’s explore how web development ChatGPT prompts can simplify repetitive and everyday tasks.

“What are the key elements of a successful proof of concept? Write a step-by-step approach to a proof of concept for a software project.”

“I need to send an HTTP request in JavaScript. How do I do this?”

“I’m using WP Import Export to transfer content from a Drupal 7 website to WordPress, but the publish dates are being updated to the current date. How can I ensure they stay the same?”

“Can you explain how to include a custom post type in popular posts?”

“Can you write the necessary code to add a login feature in React?”

“How can I configure CakePHP 3 to respond with JSON data?”

“I need to mark a specific day in red on a full calendar in CakePHP. How do I get the current day from the controller to do this?”

“What is the best way to set an image as the text of a label in Swift? Specifically, the label text should be formatted as ‘image + Search’”

“As a Python expert, create a weekly training plan and mention some relevant resources for learners.”

“I want to stop users from submitting a content type more than twice in Drupal. What code should I use?”

Additional suggestions were given by ChatGPT for the same prompt 

“How do I create a basic Chrome extension?”

“Can you explain how to implement a cURL request using PHP?”

“How do you write a PHP function that converts time from the 24-hour format to the 12-hour format?”

“What steps can you take to make your website more accessible to individuals with disabilities?”

“What is the algorithm for calculating the number of unique squares in an n x n square grid using JavaScript?”

“How can you use JavaScript to remove the first and last characters from the string “[“iVBORw0lFTkSuQmCC”]”

“Refactor the following functional component into a class component. You can refer to the provided Cart component”

const Modal = ({ handleAddToCart, handleCheckout, handleModalClose }) => {

  return (

    <div className=”modal” onClick={(e) => e.preventDefault()}>

      <div class=”modal-content”>


          Subscribe to course

          <button className=”close” onClick={handleModalClose}>




        <p>You can Proceed to Checkout or add to Cart</p>

        <div className=”modal-ctrl”>

          <button className=”modal-add-to-cart-btn” onClick={handleAddToCart}>

            ADD TO CART


          <button className=”modal-checkout-btn” onClick={handleCheckout}>








export default Modal;

“Design a custom error page for your Flutter application that displays a 404 error message when a user encounters a page not found.”

2. QA ChatGPT Prompts 

Now that you know about these top ChatGPT prompts for programmers, let’s head on to QA ChatGPT prompts.

“How would you describe the framework found on”

“Can you explain the ‘calculatorWithPageObject.spec.ts’ file from the repository mentioned above?”

“Write a test script in Selenium using Python that verifies the ability to scroll down and scroll up a webpage.”

“Draft a comprehensive set of test cases to validate the functionality of the login module of an e-commerce website.”

“Develop a test case using Postman to validate JSON data for the following sample JSON.”


      “id”: 1,

        “name”: “John”,

      “location”: “India”,

      “phone”: “8823232321”,

        “courses”: [






      “id”: 1,

        “name”: “Sachin”,

      “location”: “India”,

      “phone”: “09886723232”,

        “courses”: [





“Can you suggest effective ways to manage banner pop-ups in Cypress?”

“How can we effectively document layout bugs in a bug report?”

“I want to evaluate the functionality and usability of the checkout module for this website <insert website link>. Please create a test case. The objective is to identify potential issues or areas for improvement in the checkout process.”

3. Project Management ChatGPT Prompts 

Now, let’s check out a few ChatGPT prompts for project managers and how they prove to be helpful!

“Develop a comprehensive instructions document for the following scrumbam project management process, in which some tasks cannot be entirely planned during a sprint.”

“Create a statement of work (SOW) that outlines the process for migrating data from existing websites, and do R&D on how to migrate data from PayPal and Stripe.

  • It should include the team’s plan to address the subscription module, as the decision has been made to focus on a full solution rather than patch fixing.

It should include

  1. 1-month subscription free
  2. Cancel the Subscription
  3. Subscribe and observe how it’s serving the end user.
  4. Double Billing,
  5. Email changing billing/subscription issue”

“As a product manager, please create a Product Requirements Document (PRD) for an e-commerce website that sells dog food. Outline the necessary features and provide insights on the complexity of implementing these requirements.”

“I need to extract the date and time data from a CSV file. Can you help write a script to do so?”

Many people view it as an all-knowing, infallible entity that can never go wrong – a kind of “super Google” that provides precise answers to all your questions. What we need to acknowledge is that ChatGPT isn’t infallible, and if we are going to harness its power in the right way, we need to understand how to use it effectively.

We hope this ChatGPT prompts list can help you understand and utilize ChatGPT smoothly to bring out the best in all of our work and everyday tasks. In “Part 2,” we will look at ChatGPT prompts for business and marketing teams, so stay tuned!

Shahed Islam