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Imagine using ChatGPT-4 without thinking about data security! Collaborative AI offers a game-changing solution designed specifically for agencies, prioritizing data security above all. Our advanced technology empowers your agency to harness the power of AI while ensuring the utmost confidentiality and protection of your valuable data.

About CollaborativeAI

Introducing CollaborativeAI, the ultimate solution for agencies seeking uncompromised data security with GPT-4. Our solution provides seamless integration, allowing your entire team to access and benefit from GPT-4’s powerful features. Enjoy top-notch security, easy management, and significant cost savings compared to the standard ChatGPT pricing.

Switch Between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 Seamlessly

Experience the freedom of choice with CollaborativeAI’s simultaneous integration of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. Our platform empowers you to effortlessly switch between the two versions based on your needs and budget. When cost becomes a factor, you can seamlessly transition back to GPT-3.5 without compromising on performance or functionality. Take control of your AI usage and optimize your resources with CollaborativeAI.


Data privacy concerns

ChatGPT’s terms of service indicate that non-API content may be used to develop and improve their services, potentially compromising your data.

High costs for multiple users

GPT-4 can be expensive when deployed for several employees, with a price tag of $20 per user.


CollaborativeAI tackles both major concerns

Enhanced security

By using OpenAI’s API, your agency data remains secure, as API content is not used to develop or improve their services.


Save up to 90% compared to standard ChatGPT pricing, making GPT-4 more accessible for your entire team.

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Hear from our satisfied clients

“Since implementing CollaborativeAI, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in our team’s productivity, all while keeping our data secure. The cost savings have been a game-changer for our organization.”

Randy Satin
Managing Director of Tour Patron

“We couldn’t be happier with the performance and security of CollaborativeAI. The accessibility it offers to GPT-4 has made a remarkable difference in our workflows and overall efficiency.”

Shawn Perry
Owner of Launch Wild

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